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Providing the necessary tools for retirement savings

Give your employees the education they need to succeed

Charting course for a successful financial future

Your employees, when offered investment choices in their retirement plans, need to be educated on both saving for retirement and in allocating their investments. In order to better meet that need, our staff of experienced investment professionals and financial planners conducts multimedia presentations to explain the intricacies of each plan, as well as the options available to participants.


These informative presentations generally include a short video, slides, and custom handouts. These handouts allow your employees to review what they have learned after the meeting, giving them the time they need to contemplate their choices. Additionally, our staff is available after each meeting to answer any questions your participants may have.

A well thought-out plan is crucial to meeting one's financial goals. Each of your plan's participants will have a variety of options available to them in order to help them chart their financial course, including worksheets and interactive websites to help them quickly calculate their retirement saving needs, and a customized retirement savings analysis prepared upon request by a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner – all free of charge.

Help your employees and plan participants get the most out of the savings and investments with our complete education options.


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Continued personal investment management

Your plan participants who wish to manage their own accounts and take charge of their savings plan are encouraged to do so. Each participant is given a selection of investments from a broad cross-section of the markets so that they can invest their assets based on their personal risk tolerance and their expectations for the markets.


Each participant is then allowed to switch between investment options at any time.

Expert investment management options

While participants are encouraged to manage their own accounts, we understand the challenges they may face in making asset allocation decisions, tracking performance, and sticking to a disciplined strategy in the face of volatile and ever-changing markets.


For those who do not wish to manage their accounts themselves, we continue to offer professional investment management services. Our team of experts regularly reviews market conditions, world events, and other factors that may impact the value of participants' retirement accounts, making adjustments to portfolios as they deem appropriate. Depending upon market conditions, portfolios are typically adjusted between 2 and 4 times per year.


This management service is offered with no extra charge and includes several benefits:

  • Diversify your assets across the top-rated investments available in your plan to help control risk and to take advantage of investment opportunities

  • Make, buy, sell, and hold decisions for your assets by investing your account in a model portfolio which follows a disciplined investment process

There are several important notes to consider:

  • There is no guarantee that any fund will achieve its stated objective. Investment in a fund involves risk, including the possible loss of capital. Investments in the plan are generally not insured by the FDIC.

  • Assets are not held at Gasaway Investment Advisors, Inc., but rather with an independent outside custodian.

  • While we attempt to improve the performance of your portfolio through active management, there is no guarantee that we will be successful or that your account will not lose money. Changes to your portfolio should not be considered "market timing," but rather proactive adjustments to the asset classes comprising the strategic allocation.