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One of your fiduciary duties is to make sure that the expenses being charged to the plan are fair and reasonable. Do you know what you are paying and how it compares?


Your retirement plan provider requires that you disclose the total costs for your company and for your plan's participants. That is why our advisory firm remains entirely transparent with our investment fees and expenses, and provides you with complete information regarding the fees that are charged to your plan and your participants.


In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we operate using fund company reimbursements, which are commonly referred to as revenue sharing. This helps reduce investment fees for participants holding shares of that fund while allowing us to remain neutral and prudent when selecting investment options and managing participants' accounts.

Get the due diligence your plan sponsor and investment committee requires with the help of our professional advisors. While most brokerage firms require their brokers to avoid being a plan fiduciary, our dedicated advisors provide written acceptance of co-fiduciary responsibility for the services we provide for your additional security and peace of mind.

Becoming the fiduciary of a retirement savings plan is a great responsibility. Let us help with full documentation and complete transparency.


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