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Investment management that works for you

Get unbiased investment recommendations

Close, specific attention goes in to each investment selection

Get investment recommendations and management services, that work for you and your specific plan objectives. As an independent investment advisory group, we are able to recommend only highly rated investment options which meet our stringent criteria for long-term success using our open architecture program.


By building your investment menu using only these highly rated funds, you may pick and choose from nearly 13,000 mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and fixed income investment options without the influence of proprietary products, fund family minimums, or other such investment restrictions. Instead, you may choose only the best funds in each asset sector, creating a true plan for success.

Each investment you choose with the help of our professional advisors, has been carefully selected based on its historical performance relative to its potential risk, the performance of its peers, and its relation to appropriate market benchmarks in rising and falling markets.


Additionally, a fund's overall expense ratio, manager tenure, and other factors will be taken into consideration in order to provide you a comprehensive understanding.

Get the most out of your company's investments by working with our carefully-chosen, continually-monitored investment options.


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Comprehensive post-investment management

Your investment management goes well beyond the initial portfolio formation. After your investment options are selected, our professional advisors will regularly monitor each investment and provide you with detailed reviews to help your investment committee document and maintain its due diligence.


If our advisors see changes which we feel should be made regarding your investments, we will make recommendations to your plan's investment committee for approval. Afterward, we will communicate any changes to plan participants and include information to help everyone continue to make fully informed decisions.